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Flat Iron Steak Meets Homemade Ricotta?.Mmmm

By My original recipes

Okay so we took a cheese class at The complete Gourmet. So fun and I found myself shocked?shocked I say at how simple it is. Ricotta could NOT be easier. It is simply milk, heat and some citric acid, strain, viola. I added some chopped parsley and garlic to the ricotta. I filleted the steak, smeared the ricotta mixture, rolled, seasoned (garlic, salt pepper) , threw it in a backing dish, doused with a about ΒΌ for red wine and baked at 350% for 30 minutes. Yummm, yummy, yummy.

As an added bonus the cheese makes large amounts a whey and whey is great to soak brown (or any type you like) rice in and make a rice salad out of it. It gives it a great richness (I learned this trick from my handy friend Ellie). The rice had chopped onion, squash carrots and fennel top and rice wine vinager to taste. It was out of this world.

So no real recipes, but super easy and good. Expect to see more cheese in the future?now to get some goat milk?

Again, don?t forget to stop by and see the contest winner, Give Recipe . Her blog is incredible!

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