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Jemput - Jemput Ikan Bilis/Anchovies Fritters

By Subhie's Passions!
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Almost every malaysian favourite, fritters be eaten as tea snack.There would so many types of fritters,and today  i would like  to share is Anchovies fritters or known as' jemput jemput ikan bilis' in malay.Ikan bilis means anchovies.Other well known Malaysian fritters are prawn fritters,onion fritters and banana fritters.Crispy golden brown crust along with soft texture inside,once bitten reveals you the taste of spiciness n crunchiness.Enjoy with chilli sauce as dip.

Here how I make,
You Need,

Plain flour- 2 cup
Anchovies - 1/4 cup(soaked,washed,and deep fried lightly)
Onion - 1 chopped finely
Green chilies- 2 chopped finely
Spring Onions- 1 chopped finely
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Soda bikarbonat - 1/4 tsp(optional)
Salt as taste
Water - 1 cup
Oil for deep frying

How I make,

Mix flour,salt ,turmeric powder,soda and water to smooth texture.It should not be too watery or thick.
Now add all the chopped ingredients along with anchovies and mix well.
Heat oil for deep frying.Once its pipping hot,reduce the flame  to medium heat and scoop a spoonful of the mixture and drop into the hot oil.Fry them to golden brown colour.
Serve hot with chilli sauce or any you favourite sauces.

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By Subhie's Passions! (Visit website)

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