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Jus Alpukat - Avocado Juice

By Cooking-Gallery
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Jus alpukat is Indonesian for avocado juice. Avocado juice is a very popular drink/dessert in Indonesia. I used to think that it's a very typical Indonesian beverage which could only be found in Indonesia, but after a few years of food-blog reading, I found out that it's not true at all. Apparently you could find avocado juice or smoothie in most South-East Asian countries.

For some people, who are used to think of avocado as fruit used only for savoury dishes or salads, the idea of having avocado as a sweet dessert might be weird. But believe me, cold avocado smoothie is a real treat for a hot summery day! Well, it's still a real treat for me in winter ;-) . In Indonesia, avocado juice/smoothie is made by mixing avocado with water, ice cubes, sugar and condensed milk. It's normally served with chocolate condensed milk or chocolate syrup. You can also add some vanilla essence to make the smoothie smells nicer. Adding a scoop of vanilla ice-cream might also make this drink more smoothie-like, but I prefer mine less thick and less glamourous...:).

1 avocado, seeded and peeled
250 ml water3 tbs sugar (or to taste)2 tbs condensed milk1 tsp vanilla essence15-20 ice cubesMix all ingredients in your mixer!

I didn't have chocolate condensed milk/syrup, so I used grass jelly as the topping for my avocado juice.


By the way, two weeks ago, Slywia from Unsifted, gave me the Honest Scrap award. Thank you Sylwia, and I am sorry for the delay in posting the award. During the last two weeks I had been occupied by the arrival of a new member in the family - a very sweet, adorable bunny, called Charlie :-).

Isn't she a darling :)??

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