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Cordyceps Soup (Double-Boiling Method)

By Little Inbox Recipe ~Eating Pleasure~
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Can you see the worm-like roots? 

It's been years that I've not stepped into wet market. Hubby is the one who goes to market on every Sunday to buy all the item as per my list. There's always pros and cons. Pros is I can utilize my time to do house chores at home. Cons is I didn't get any chance to discover new ingredients for my cooking, as hubby's knowledge in ingredients is pretty limited. 

The other day, we went to a supermarket that I rarely go. I spotted fresh Cordyceps, so without hesitation, I grab a packet of it. Here's my new creation, the fresh Cordyceps soup cooked in double boiler. If you prefer clear soup, then double boiler is a good helper. Although the soup is cooked for hours but the soup base remained clear and clean. Fresh Cordiceps taste pretty bland. Luckily I added some other Chinese herbs to enhance the flavour. 

Cordyceps Soup (Double-Boiling Method)
Serves 3-4

80gm fresh cordyceps, cleaned
250gm pork ribs, chopped into small pieces and blanched
12 red dates, 6-pitted and 6-leave as it is
6 strips of yuk chok
4 strips of wai san
2 tbsp of wolf berry, soaked and drained
1300ml water
salt to taste

1. Pour 1300ml water into inner pot of a double boiler. Bring to a boil.
2. Add blanched pork ribs, fresh cordyceps, red dates, yuk chok and wai san to the boiling water. Leave it simmering for 3 hours. Check and top up the water level in the outer pot from time to time.
3. Add wolf berries and salt to taste. Leave it simmers for another 5 minutes before off the flame.

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