Lotus roots with peanuts soup

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Simple Refreshing soup on a raining day. Delicious.
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Chicken (1/2 chicken)
1 Lotus Roots, 2 handful of peanuts
2 cloves garlic, 1 slice ginger
1 Dried Scallop, 1 teaspoon of salt.
Dash of Pepper
Soy sauce


Step 1:

Chicken, wash & cut the fats off & small pieces (drumstick,wings,breast)
Lotus Roots, wash, cut slice

Step 2:

Put chicken, lotus roots & Peanuts to pot
Add water, it must be 3inches above all ingredient

Step 3:

Para Boil 15 minutes, remove excess with sieve floating on surface
Add scallop, garlic, ginger,

Step 4:

Normal Boil 20mins, add salt & soysauce
Small fire simmer 1 hour, add pepper

Step 5:

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By kaylim

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Posted the 04/01/2013, 16:14

I like this!!!

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