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Liz Lovely Cookies: GF Snickerdoodles

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GFSnickerdoodleI didn’t think it could be done, but the geniuses at Liz Lovely have outdone themselves with the Gluten-free collection of cookies. I recently ordered the GF Snickerdoodles from the glorious Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe. Since the Snickerdudes are my favorite – running neck and neck with the Ginger Snapdragons – I thought I’d give the GF version a try. Though I don’t require such a status for my baked goods, I do like to try and be gluten-free when possible. I must say, these GF cookies are as equally delicious as the standard variety. To me, they seem to have a slightly more ‘crumb’ aspect to them (in a good way) and would serve nicely as a base or crumbled topping for an ice cream sundae. Naturally, they are absolutely smashing alone… it’s hard to improve upon perfection..that’s right, perfection! They don’t have as half-baked texture (again, not in a bad way and it’s only slight) as the regular cookies – more of a 2/3-bake ;) . They are truly worthy of the ‘Liz Lovely’ traditional description: wicked soft, magically delicious, supremely addicting, and now gluten-free! Thank you Liz & Dan for enabling my cookie-addiction once again!!!! Oh yeah, and I’m determined now Dan to get ‘Liz Lovely’ added as a baked-goods adjective to the parlance of our times!

Happy Shopping!

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It's not even a recipe. If I wanted to buy the cookies, I'd go to the store and buy them!

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