Duck leg with plum sauce

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So what we do here is that we braise the legs, like this we get them beautifully tender and it is not as rich as a Confit. What is a Confit....these chefs like to yuse funny French words. A confit is a meat, most of the time duck, goose or pork that is very slowly cooked in its own fat, very rich, very tasty!!!

To give the duck leg a bit of a twist I add some Asian spices and then at the end glaze the leg in the hot oven with a bit plum sauce. It gives a lovely sweetness to the meat and tastes delicious


2 Kg Duck legs
100 Ml Soy Sauce
50 G Garlic
50 G Ginger
500 G Oranges in Zestes
500 G Onions
250 G Carrots
150 G Celeriac
250 Ml Red Wine
100 Ml Plum Sauce
20 Ml Sesame Oil
10 G Chili
50 G Coriander leaves

200 G Carrots
200 G Onions
100 G Celery
200 G Green Beans
25 G Honey
45 G Soy Sauce
25 G Ginger


Step 1:

Marinated the duck legs over night in soy sauce, ginger garlic and orange zestes
Rub them clean and fry them all round till browned

Step 2:

Careful the soy burns easily
Take the vegetables and roast them till browned

Step 3:

Add tomato paste, roast some more
Deglacer with red wine, repeat twice, add some water
Put duck legs in vacum bags
Add the vegetables and stock, seal

Step 4:

Poach at 90 C for 5 hours, cool in the fridge

Mix plum sauce with sesame oil and chili
Heat the duck legs in the bag, then baste the plum sauce on top and glaze in the oven

Step 5:

Heat oil in wok, add garlic and onions, saute briefly
Add vegetable julienne, saute briefly
Add soy, honey and ginger, season to taste and serve

Use the stock for Duck Consomme or soup.

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