Tapioca savoury pancakes/sago roti/sabudana thalipeeth


- Sabudana / Sago - 1 cups,washed and soaked overnight
- Potatoes - 2 med (boiled and mashed and grated)
- Roasted crushed peanuts - 1/4 cup
- Hung Curd/Yoghurt-2 tablespoons
- Singoda Flour/Samo Flour/Rajgira Flour-3 tablespoons each or as reqd to make a dough
- 1 Cucumber(peeled and grated)squeeze out the water
- Paste-Roasted cumin powder-1 tsp,Green chillies - 2-3,ginger-1/4 tablespoon,cilantro leaves-1/4 cup
- Salt/Sugar/Lemon juice to taste
- Ghee/Clarified Butter-as reqd
- Plastic sheet/Water


Step 1:

Wash sago well and soak in some water for 5-6 hours or preferably overnight.

Step 2:

Take a big bowl put sago add all the ingredients except ghee cucumber, potato, flours, paste, roasted peanuts, yoghurt, salt, sugar,l emon juice.

Step 3:

Mix all well into a soft dough.

Step 4:

Cover with a plastic wrap and in the fridge for 10-15minutes.

Step 5:

Heat nonstick griddle on med flame.

Step 6:

Take a platic sheet.brush with some water, now take a ball (size u want )of the dough and place on the plastic sheet.

Step 7:

Press n pat the dough ball with ur fingers n palms til u get a round circle of 5" diameter(dont make it too thin,or else it wil break).

Step 8:

Keep pressing til u get a proper circular shape like a puri.

Step 9:

Slowly lift it from the plastic sheet n place on hot griddle, pour drops of ghee around it and let it cook until its crisp on both sides.

Step 10:

Serve with plain curd/cucumber raita/coconut chutney/potato peanut sabzi.

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