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Meat Floss Roll

By No-Frills Recipes
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Bread again!   I tried making this roll with meat floss, savoury for a change and it was yummy.

Dough from the breadmaker after proving and shaping into a ball.  Rest for 10 mins. 

Roll out the dough, apply some butter/margarine on the surface before spreading in the meat floss.  Then roll up tightly just like a swiss roll.

Tuck in the two ends of the roll and place it in a loaf pan, cover with a damp cloth and let it prove for about 30 to 40 mins.

Roll after proving, apply egg glaze followed by sprinkling of almond flakes.

Had this for lunch with a cup of hot coffee.  A very light and refreshing meal indeed!

Ingredients for Dough

1/2 an egg (25ml) + water to make up 125 ml
1.1/2 Tbsp butter/margarine
1/2 tsp salt
210 gm high protein flour
1 Tbsp skim milk powder
1.1/2  Tbsp sugar
1  tsp yeast

Some meat floss  - pork/chicken
Sesame seeds/pumpkin seeds and flaked almonds.
Extra butter
Egg glaze  -  1 egg yolk + 1 Tbsp water + a pinch of salt

Put all the ingredients into the pan of the breadmaker according to the sequence of your machine.
Press 'dough cycle' and let the machine take over from there.  This process will take 1.1/2  hrs.
At the end  of the cycle, take out the dough, punch out the gas.
Shape into a ball, rest for about 10 mins.
Roll out into an oblong, spread some butter onto the centre of the dough.  Add in the meat floss and press a bit to let it stick onto the butter.
Roll up like a swiss roll.  Tuck  in the ends of the roll and put the roll into a loaf pan.
Cover with a damp cloth and let it prove for another 30 mins in a warm place.
Apply egg glaze and sprinkle on the sesame seeds.
Bake in preheated oven @ 180 deg C for about 25 to 30 mins or till loaf is golden brown.
Remove from pan immediately and let it cool completely before slicing up the roll to serve.

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