Konkan region prawn curry recipe


- Medium size white prawns : 25
- Red chiilies 12
- Round red chillies 6
- Grated coconut: 3 cups
- Coriander seeds: 3 tsp
- Roasted methi or fenugreek seeds: 6
- Mustard seeds: 3/4 tsp
- One small size onion
- Garlic: 9 cloves
- Green chilli: 1
- Raw mango: 1 peeled and cut in to cubes
- Oil, water
- Salt to taste


Step 1:

Grind all the ingredients except onion and garlic into fine paste.

Step 2:

Add garlic and onion in the last round. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan, add green chiili.

Step 3:

Add all the ground ingredients to the above. Also add 1 cup water and salt. Bring it to boil.

Step 4:

There should be a slightly thin gravy. Add marinated prawns, bring it to boil. Now add raw mango pieces, and cook till tender.

Step 5:

Remove from fire and serve hot.

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