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Chicken Dinuguan

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The Garcia family raise their own stocks and plant their own vegetables. So whenever they need to cook something, they have most of the ingredients. At lunch, last Saturday for example, the family patriarch butchered two chickens for our meal. The chicken was cooked in a very delicious recipe of Chicken and tomato sauce with pineapples. 
While the innards of the said chickens were cooked into this delicious Chicken Dinuguan. Usually, Dinuguan uses Pork entrails and innards, and cooked in its blood. In the same manner, this Chicken Dinuguan follows suit.
So you have the Chicken gizzard, liver, heart, plus the entrails and all others, chopped in bite sizes, sauteed  in garlic, onions, chilies, and simmered in the chicken blood that has a little vinegar and salt..  It was really good..


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