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Crisp Meat Burritos

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There use to be a little fast food joint in town called Taco Time. I was very, very sad when they closed in the mid 90's. They had the best crisp meat burritos! I sometimes still, years later, crave these little treats of heaven. Too bad the only remaining restaurants are in the mid-West or I'd probably travel pretty far to fulfill my cravings.

I decided I would try to imitate them and I have to say, I came pretty close (but mind you, its been 14 years since I've had their version). Nevertheless, they hit the spot.

I served these with sour cream on the side, baked refried beans, and Mexi-corn. I'm proud to add, Serena ate one and requested another one. Always a bonus when cooking for one and a half~

Crisp Meat Burritos

Flour tortillas
1 lb ground beef
taco seasoning packet
shredded cheese

Brown ground beef and drain grease. Mix with taco seasoning packet and add just enough water to blend well, but not have too much extra juice in the pan. Cut the edges off the tortilla to make square. Heat deep fryer to around 350 degrees. Spoon meat mixture on tortilla with some cheese (your descretion of the amount). Roll tightly and secure edge with wooden toothpicks. Cook in batches until golden brown. Drain well. Serve with sour cream and side dishes.

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3 / 5

Taco time is still open all around the northwest

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4 / 5

I'm still working on the meat to cheese ratio....

| i cooked this recipe
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5 / 5

Taco Time is my favorite fast food over here in the mid-West, but we don't go out that often, and my mom likes Burger King the best. Now I can make them too! Thank you!!

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5 / 5

Never thought of cutting tortillas square. Good idea. Love Taco Time.

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5 / 5

That's how I make them too--and it does taste just like them! I usually don't add the entire pkg of taco seasoning though, because too much actually doesn't taste anything like the Taco Time burrito. I use a mild or sharp cheddar and usually pan fry mine, but after seeing this and getting hungry, I think I will try to bake some since we are trying to eat healthier. Lord, that looks good...*sigh*

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3 / 5

Taco Times are not in the mid-West...they are a WEST COAST chain based out of Eugene Oregon and you are correct in saying the crisp meat burritos are beyond delish and addictive!

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