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KBB Challenge # 20: Kue Bangket // Indonesian Traditional Biscuit

By Mindy's Deli

Kue Bangket Kacang

I can bake again... so happy *dancing*. Finally we have an electric stove/oven and got installed last Saturday. We actually wanted to buy an induction stove which is at the moment a very a la mode in Germany but since our kitchen isn't a fitted kitchen, standing induction stove is very pricey because is not a common thing. Me just don't really into this fitted kitchen but more into a Berliner-style-mix-and-match-kitchen, something individual and cozy. By having this stove/oven installed, so we can say that our kitchen is - almost - done. Why almost? Because all the stuff (dishes, cutleries, salad dishes, baking stuff & Co.) are still in the container which is hopefully gonna arrive on December 3rd in Bremerhaven, Germany, and - finger cross - won't take long time to be sent to Berlin and to our home in Bavaria.

Kue Bangket Kacang

It's good to be back in Germany again but it's not as easy as I thought. Since we live in a new State - not anymore in the capital city -, a new area, a new place even though it's a very beautiful area, close to the Alps, all of these mean that we have to find new friends, adapt with the weather again, the high cost of living and also to think that we have to do things by ourselves. I have to find a job and do a driving licence and some things suddenly become new to us, s.a. gardening, buying woods for the fire place - not to mention to install it. Lucky that our neighbours help us a lot and until now we can stand the weather. As I'm writing this post, it's snowing outside. I already put some woods in the fire place, try to make my self comfy with hot tea. I always love watching the dancing fire. It's somehow like a meditation to me, to think that life must go on even though it's not like the way we want it.
Kue Bangket Kacang
I decided to make Kue Bangket Kacang, Indonesian traditional peanut biscuit, using KBB's recipe. I lent a kitchen scale from my neighbour, don't want to buy one because mine is in the container (and hope that it's still there). I used ready-to-use grind cashew and hazel nuts, added a bit more oil than it's written on the recipe to fold the mixture. I didn't roast the flour nor the peanuts due to the lacking of cooking/baking stuff I have. I hope it won't effect the taste even though I didn't have a slight idea how the cookies will taste but when the cookies are done, I thought that I'm familiar with its taste. I sent some biscuits to our neighbours and brought some as we were invited for a dinner. All loved the biscuits - hubby loves them so much! I think I'm gonna bake some again as Christmas bakes.

Kue Bangket

Source: Klub Berani Baking

750 gr flour -- roasted
500 gr peanuts without skin (I used cashews and hazelnuts) -- roasted, grínd
400 - 500 gr powdered sugar
500 - 600 ml oil
1 tsp salt

Kue Bangket

Combine the flour, the peanuts, the powdered sugar and the salt
Add the oil bit by bit then fold well. If the consistent is still crumby, add a bit oil. Make some balls out of it, about 10 gr, and flat each balls using a fork
Bake 20 minutes with 140 - 150C. I baked the cookies a bit longer. Let totally cool before transfering the biscuits into jar

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By Mindy's Deli (Visit website)

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