Crispy Sev - Sanna Karapusa - Omapodi

 Sev is a popular Indian Snack. Today's my post is Simple home made  Sev or Kara pusa or Omapodi for Deepavali.


Bengal gram flour                      2 cupsRice flour                                1/2 cupSalt                                        1 tea spoonRed chilli powder                   1/2 tea spoonCumin powder                       1 tea spoonVegetable oil                           for fryingWater for kneading dough
Take Bengal gram,Rice flour,Salt,Chilli powder,Cumin powder in a wide bowl,mix well and add little little amount of water to dough and make it like stiff dough,Heat Vegetable oil in a wide pan.Fill the dough into Sev maker and press thin Kara Sev into hot oil and fry in a medium flame  till Sev turn into golden brown colour.Remove in oil absorbent paper.Cool it and store it in air tight container.

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