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Recipe Pineapple braised pork ribs

Pineapple braised pork ribs

13 votes
Main DishEasy10 minutes1 hour
Ingredients: 1 slab/rack of pork ribs, about 1.3kgs 1/2 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup vinegar 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 cup pineapple juice 1/4 tsp ground peppercorn 2 bay lea...
Recipe Pork menudo

Pork menudo

10 votes
Main DishEasy30 minutes60 minutes
Ingredients: 1 kilo pork (cut into small chunks) 1/2 kilo pork liver (cut into small cubes) 6 potatoes (peeled, cut in small cubes) 3 red bell pepper (diced) 3 Ca...
Recipe Pandhi curry / pork curry ( coorg / kodava cuisine )

Pandhi curry / pork curry ( coorg / kodava cuisine )

9 votes
Main DishVery Easy15 minutes35 minutes
Ingredients: - 1 kg pork - 1 teaspoon turmeric powder - 2 teaspoon red chilli powder - 2 teaspoon kachi puli ( or tamarind paste ) - Salt to taste For wet masala:...
Recipe Braised pork: filipino humba

Braised pork: filipino humba

9 votes
Main DishEasy45 minutes1 hour
Ingredients: 1/2 kg or 500 grams pork belly cut into large cubes 1/2 kg or 500 grams pork butt shoulder cut into large cubes 1 whole head garlic crushed 1/2 cup...
Recipe Vegetable pork oy-stir fry

Vegetable pork oy-stir fry

9 votes
Main DishEasy5 minutes15 minutes
Ingredients: 1 pk frozen vegetable stir-fry, thaw according to package instructions. 1/2 lb. lean pork chop, cup into 1/2 in. thick 1/2 cup onion, chopped 1 tsp ga...
Recipe Crispy bbq pork bun (siew bao)

Crispy bbq pork bun (siew bao)

7 votes
Main DishEasy45 minutes30 minutes
Ingredients: Ingredients for filling: 250g pork, sliced into small cubes some mix vegetables 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped 2 tbsps sesame oil 1 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp...
Recipe Roasted pork 烧肉

Roasted pork 烧肉

6 votes
StarterEasy20 minutes1 minutes
Ingredients: 1kg Pork belly (best with a little more fats) ~ clean, dry & cut into half 1/2 tbsp Coarse sea salt 1/2 tbsp Sugar 1/2 tbsp Five spice powder 1 tb...
Recipe Traditional english pork pies

Traditional english pork pies

5 votes
otherVery Easy45 minutes3 hours
Ingredients: Pastry: - 150 g lard - 100 ml water - 450 g plain flour, plus extra for dusting - salt and freshly ground black pepper - 1 free-range egg, beaten, for...
Recipe Pork schnitzel

Pork schnitzel

5 votes
Main DishEasy30 minutes5 minutes
Ingredients: 4 thin slices boneless pork chops 2 eggs, beaten 1/4 teaspoon paprika 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/4 teaspoon parsley flakes Salt by taste Panko bread ...
Recipe Stuffed pork loin roll

Stuffed pork loin roll

5 votes
Main DishEasy20 minutes45 minutes
Ingredients: 1 Pork Loin Filet (1 – 11/2 Pound), butterflied and pounded to about 1/2” thick 1 Teaspoon Kosher Salt 1/2 Teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper 2 Cups...
Recipe Pan fried pork sausage in a bed of spring onion bulgar dusted wi

Pan fried pork sausage in a bed of spring onion bulgar dusted wi

4 votes
Main DishVery Easy10 minutes15 minutes
Ingredients: * 300grs bulgar wheat * 2 garlic cloves (1 finely diced, the other crushed) * 2 carrots (julienned) * 6 spring onions (thinly slice...
Recipe Steamed pork ribs

Steamed pork ribs

4 votes
Main DishEasy20 minutes30 minutes
Ingredients: - 1/2 lb soft bone pork ribs - cut into bite-size - 1 tbsp black bean - wash and lightly smashed - 2 cloves garlic - minced - 1 tbsp minced ginger - A...
Recipe Puto pao (steamed rice cake with pork filling)

Puto pao (steamed rice cake with pork filling)

4 votes
otherVery Easy15 minutes15 minutes
Ingredients: 1) Pork Filling : - 1/2 Tablespoon oil - 1/4 cup diced onions - 1 Tablespoon hoisin sauce - 1 Tablespoon catsup - 3/4 Tablespoon sugar - 1/2 Tablespo...
Recipe Steam tofu with minced pork and prawn

Steam tofu with minced pork and prawn

4 votes
otherVery Easy20 minutes10 minutes
Ingredients: 1 box Silken White tofu (300g) - Cut into cubes or can also subsittude with egg tofu 50g minced pork 4 pieces medium size prawn - Use a pounder to ...
Recipe Pork chops in aromatic beer sauce

Pork chops in aromatic beer sauce

4 votes
Main DishVery Easy15 minutes12 minutes
Ingredients: 4 pork chops 1 garlic clove the zest of one lemon a dash of olive oil 1 stick of rosemary 5 sage leaves salt and pepper a nod of butter 10 cl ...

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