I have marinate the king fish with lemon juce it gives bitter taste how do i adjust the taste?

Question: I have marinate the king fish with lemon juce it gives bitter taste how do i adjust the taste?

I use chilli powder,coriander powder,salt,one lemon....i have marinate it for 2 hrs...then i fry the fish it taste was like bitter how can i adjust it....please help me..

By sanju, Added 11/04/2014, 21:11

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Try this recipe

By ummahmed , 13/01/2015, 06:35:25
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Lessen the quantity of the lemon juice . and if you want sour taste go for vinegar since if you mix it with red chilly paste or any other ingredient it will not get bitter

Try the recipe on the below link

By ummahmed , 13/01/2015, 06:33:56
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Don't use lemon add ginger garlic paste it will give more flavor. After frying you can use lemon.................

By AnilR , 20/04/2014, 15:19:24
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