I'm in USA and I'm not sure what Corn flour in the recipes is. I'm sure it's not corn meal. Help


Question: I'm in USA and I'm not sure what Corn flour in the recipes is. I'm sure it's not corn meal. Help

Hoping to find the difference/definition of Corn Flour outside the US

By CookieHugs, Added 05/10/2014, 15:45

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Not to confuse the issue, but you could take corn meal (used for polenta),which is a 'sandy' consistency, (rough) and grind it into a fine powder, like flour. In Mexico, it's called Masa Harina, which is the basic ingredient for tortillas. That said, most baking recipes calling for corn flour are using corn starch, and vice-versa. Best regards.

By JakeNorfolk , at 28/09/2017, 10:44:54
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Hi, CookieHugs! 'anushenoi' is correct. Corn Flour and Corn Starch are the same thing, and is fine, like powder. Corn Meal is a larger grind and is coarse. (It's what's used for polenta). You can find Corn Flour/Starch in the baking section of your grocer. Corn Meal might be in the same aisle, though it might be with the grains and beans. Cheers!

By JakeNorfolk , at 26/09/2017, 10:56:39
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Corn meal and corn flour is both the same only the useage of the word is different

By jeewan , at 24/04/2015, 15:51:51
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In USA Corn flour is called Cornstarch. You will find this in the grocery store

By anushenoi , at 09/10/2014, 19:12:58
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