I need the best recipe for fish batter I have a fish & chip truck and my batter is not right HELP


Any recipes that you think would make my fish the best batter ever

By kenny6,
Added 16/04/2014, 11:46:27

Salt and pepper fish first, then take some flour and a little beer (dark ale is better) mix together till thick consistency, dip each piece one at a time make sure to coat them well, then drop in fryer also make sure to shake the basket so that they don't stick.

By bigdawg , 20/06/2014, 00:20 (0)   (0)


You need self raising flour, a little salt,and beer. Mix to a consistency of thick custard, dip your fish pieces in and deep fry.

By judith_k2014 , 21/04/2014, 11:56 (0)   (0)