My husband is allergic to egg how can i make cakes without egg and make it soft

Question: My husband is allergic to egg how can i make cakes without egg and make it soft

By blaze, Added 15/05/2012, 12:22

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U can make soft cakes without egg. A key ingredient would be vinegar as it reacts with the baking powder to release carbon dioxide and make the cake fluffy. i make a number of eggless cakes and you can find some recipes in my blog

By engveena , 22/05/2012, 20:37:25
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You can make eggless cake which turns out to be equally fluffy and tasty. We are vegetarians and do not eat eggs and I make the Pineapple cake without egg in it for my kids birthdays.
Here is the link to it:
Try it and it turns out very good!

By sunit , 16/05/2012, 06:28:42
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