Please tell a simple recipe with black sesame seeds.


I have three cups of them

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Ingedients :
1)Black Sesame seeds - 1 1/2 cup
2)Jaggery - 1 cup
3)water - 3/4 cup

Method :

1)Take a pan and keep it on medium heat.
2)Add sesame seeds and dry roast them, till they starts spluttering. Remove from heat and take them into a bowl, keep it aside.
3)Take a vessel and add water and jaggery and let it be on medium heat.
4)stir it, until it becomes sticky consistency.
5)Now add sesame seeds to the syrup, mix well.
6)Switch off the stove. Remove the vessel from the stove top.
7)Make them into small balls, when it is hot.

How to check the syrup:

1)put 1 drop of the syrup in water, it should not get mixed in water. It should become like sticky ball.

Note :

1)You can avoid the burning sensation of hands, by keepinp ur palm in water frequently.

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I've posted Black Sesame seeds powder recipe in my blog, which is great accompaniment for Indian Dosa/Idli or Rice with clarified butter/ghee. My blog URL is:

http://singaporechett -podisesame-seeds-powder.html

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Take black sesame seed 1\2 kg , jezzery 300 grm, & 100 gm zinger.
dry roast the black sesame seed in pan, let them cool, then take this sesame seed in mixi, grind them finer, keep it in separate bowl, grind the zinger seperatly mix zinger with sesame, mix Jezzery in the same bowl. mix all the ingredients properly & take mixture in palm & rub, then make lemon size Laddo.

its very good for winter season.


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You can make the following recipe with black sesame seeds as well:

http://aahaaram.wordp and-jaggery-laddoo/

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