Appetizer Chicken breast

7 recipes
Recipe Potato curry samosa

Potato curry samosa

(3 votes), (3)
Appetizer Very Easy 20 min 20 min
Ingredients: 8 to 10 pieces Medium Size Potato (peel and dice) Chicken Breast from 1 bird of chicken (cut into dice size) 1 packet Instant Curry Paste 1 packet 21...
Recipe Turkey siomai (siu mai)

Turkey siomai (siu mai)

(2 votes)
Appetizer Very Easy 10 min 20 min
Ingredients: 1/2 lb ground turkey (or boneless chicken breast, chopped) 1/4 cup chopped bamboo shoots 1/4 cup chopped Chinese black mushrooms 2 tablespoons water ...
Recipe Chicken yakitori

Chicken yakitori

Appetizer Very Easy 15 min 15 min
Ingredients: 2 pieces chicken breast, cut in to 1 1/2 inch cubes onion leek, sliced ( 1 1/2 inches) 1/2 cup soy sauce (plus additional for dipping) 1/2 cup sake (...
Recipe Sate lilit bali with sambal jeruk / wrapped balinese satay with spicy lemon dip

Sate lilit bali with sambal jeruk / wrapped balinese satay with spicy lemon dip

Appetizer Very Easy 35 min 30 min
Ingredients: SATE LILIT BALI 300 g chicken breast meat minced 150 g medium sized prawns remove all shells and minced 9-12 lemongrass ;cleaned blended ingredients ...
Recipe Club sandwich roll

Club sandwich roll

Appetizer Very Easy 30 min 50 min
Ingredients: Dough: 2 cups warm water 1 tbsp instant yeast 1 tbsp honey 2 tbsp cornmeal 4 1/2 cups all-purpose flour ( plus more for kneading) 2 tsp fine sea sal...
Recipe Bbq chicken quesidallias at #2.

Bbq chicken quesidallias at #2.

Appetizer Easy 9 min 2 min
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon butter, softened 2 flour tortillas (8 inches) 3/4 cup shredded cheddar-Monterey Jack cheese 1 cup chopped cooked chicken breast ( use ca...
Recipe Chicken potato chops

Chicken potato chops

(1 vote), (2)
Appetizer Very Easy 20 min 25 min
Ingredients: Mash Potato 2 libras of potatoes salt to taste Filling: 2 libras minced chicken breast 1 bunch spring onions 4 cloves garlic (minced) 1 inch ginger...

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