Baked Fish - Baked False Trevally

False Trevally Grill
Parava in Malayalam or sudumbu in Tamil or False Trevally in English is a very popular fish in Kerala for it's taste. In Trivandrum we rarely buy Parava, b'cos it's very expensive. In Bangalore, I frequently buy Parava as the price is close to Snaper ( Rs 140 -160 a kg for Parava).

Parava Grill
Usually I make Parava kerala curry or just fry it in oil. This time I baked Parava after marinating it in chilly powder, pepper and turmeric powder. Along with the fish, I chopped few shallots and a pinch of few coriander leaves.

Usually I bake in the open tray, but this time I covered the fish in aluminum foil. This seals the flavor and avoids the dryness. As Blue Trevally has soft flesh, you can bake it under 10min. You can marinate this fish with different ingredients or stuff it with herbs for different taste.



P.S: Watch this video on red snapper baking

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