Chobey ki poori - coconut stuffed sweet empanadas

Chobey ke poori are simple pooris or pastries stuffed with a mixture of dessicated coconut, dry fruits and sugar.
These are similar to empanadas but with sweet stuffing. 
Pooris are stuffed and then deep fried until they are light golden in color and crisp.
These pooris are enjoyed best with a bowl of warm kheer (rice pudding).

Ingredients : For the dough :

All purpose flour /  maida – 3 cupsSemolina  -1 cupWater – as neededSalt – 1/2 tspPure ghee – 2 tbsp Milk -1 cup
For the stuffing : 

Dry Desiccated Coconut - 1 cup Sugar – 1/2 cup Almonds – 1/4 cupRaisins – 1/4 cupChironji / charoli nuts - 1/2 cupCardamoms  - 4-5Cashew nuts -1/4 cup
Method: Stuffing :

In a bowl, combine the dessicated coconut, sugar, cardamom seeds, sliced almonds, cashew nuts, chironji and the raisins together and keep aside. This mixture is called as CHOBA.You can also add shredded mawa to the above mixture for extra flavor. 
 Dough :Now in a large bowl, add the flour, ghee, salt and mix well rubbing the flour with your hands until it thoroughly gets incorporated.Make a depression in the center and add warm milk , work it into a mass.Knead into a soft dough by adding enough water.Cover with a damp cloth and keep aside for about 30 minutes.  

Pooris :Divide the dough into equal portions.Roll out each portion into a flat chapati.Put a spoonfull of the coconut mixture in the center of the poori.Wet the outer edges with cold water with your fingers.Fold over the stuffing and seal the edges pressing lightly with fingers forming a semicircle.Fold or crimp the edges to seal tightly as well as form a pattern.Repeat with all the pooris and keep them covered until all are done.Once all the pooris are ready, heat oil in a wok on medium heat and deep fry the pooris until light brown on both the sides.Remove the pooris on a kitchen towel using a slotted spoon to drain the excess oil.Serve with warm kheer.Stored in air tight containers. 

                         Enjoy and Good luck :) 


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