Besan Burfi

Delicious gram flour fudge cooked on stove top.
8 servings
15 min
40 min




  • In a wide mouth heavy bottom pan heat butter and canola oil on medium heat. Add besan and fry. Keep stirring constantly on low heat until the raw smell goes away. After 10 minutes you could smell the aroma of roasted besan. Fry for another 5 minutes till it turns light golden and you will see that the flour and butter mixture gives a bubbling effect. Remove from heat and give it a nice stir once again because it is still hot and the besan can turn brown. Let the besan cools down for 5 minutes before you proceed on making sugar syrup.

    Line a 10x14" cookie sheet with wax paper.
    Take a steel pot and dissolve sugar in water. Place the pot on medium heat and keep stirring. Sugar syrup should come to a rolling boil, when it starts to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 6 minutes stirring in between. Add cardamom powder.

    When bubbles arise touch the end of the ladle with wet finger, smudge it between thumb and index finger and slowly move them apart, if a small string arises in between the fingers then it's the perfect stage. Remove from heat and add it to the besan. Mix nicely. Pour in the prepared cookie sheet. Level it with a wide spatula or rolling pin. Sprinkle slivered pistachios. Press again with spatula. Slice into squares after 1 hour. Remove burfi from the pan when it is completely cooled. This has a long shelf life and can be kept on the counter for up to a month.


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