8 servings
5 min
15 min




  • 1. Heat a pan and add the sugar. Also add 1/2 tsp oil and keep stirring first on high flame, then when it starts to melt, on low flame, until all sugar melts and the lumps disappear. Take care not to over-brown or burn the caramel. As soon as the lumps melt, add the dal and stir quickly until the caramel & dal are well-mixed.
    2. Immediately transfer onto clean kitchen platform and beat with the palms to spread the lump.
    Then use rolling pin to roll out the lump into a large thin (1 cm thickness) circle, at the same time, shaping the chikki into a neat circle by pushing towards inside at the edges. This process has to be done quickly, or the caramel will harden & the lump will not roll out anymore.
    4. Make marks with a knife and break the circle at the knife cuts.Let it cool and store in a polythene bag.


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