Mung samali

4 servings
30 min
45 min


Number of serving: 4
1. 2C coconut grated .

2. 3C sugar

3. 1C milk

4. 1C flour.

5. 1C yellow moong dal .

6. 1 tsp cardamom powder .

7. 1C water .

8. Oil for Frying .


  • 1. Wash the dal properly & cook in a pressure cooker till done . It should be cooked properly but don't make it smashy .
    2. Once it cool, drain the water completely & keep aside .
    3. In a kadai add the grated coconut & keep stairing till it becomes light brown in colour .
    4. Now add the sugar in it & let it cook for another 10min .
    5. now add the milk & let it cook till all the milk evaporate .
    6. Cook for another 10 more min . Take it out of the heat & let it cool .
    7. In a bowl add the cooked dal & the flour . knead it properly to make a chapati like dough .
    8. Make small balls from the dough, spread each ball with hand and stuff the coconut sugar mixture into it. Fold it and seal the edges so that filling doesnt come out to get the shape of 'Puli' as in the picture .
    9. In another pan heat water & add sugar . Boil it for some time to make sugar syrup . Now add cardamom powder. cook for a couple of minutes.
    10. Now heat oil in a kadai & fry the pulies till golden brown on low heat . Remove from oil & add the pulies to the syrup slowly. Let till cool & serve .


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