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Recipe Stuffed Baguette Bites

Stuffed Baguette Bites

Baguettes can be an accessory ingredient in so many recipes. Used this way, it becomes an edible receptacle for just about any filling you can dream up. No need to dip or spread your bread with any other ingredients. This is a great ?self-contained? ap
Recipe Fresh Finds, Tasty Bites, Good Vibes (Part 1)

Fresh Finds, Tasty Bites, Good Vibes (Part 1)

We love eating! We love shopping! We love fresh finds! We love music! We love art! We love culture!........... We just love everything!! And we found a perfect place where there's more to love about ---- where you can enjoy shopping, do you


Here are the delicious bites for the lil ones and am sure they are in for a treat..Let me take you on a virtual tour of the delicacies....I have categorised them according the ingredients / meal .Please use your discretion in feeding your lil one as the f
Recipe Lucky Nani?s Chicken Roast

Lucky Nani?s Chicken Roast

For a while now, I ve been thinking of compiling a family cookbook.  This is not quite as easy as it sounds, since we are all scattered over the world, with a big chunk here in the U.S., some in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Bangladesh, where our f
Recipe JJ Swiss Rolls - IPOH

JJ Swiss Rolls - IPOH

Always excited with NEW, innovative novel creations, I was intrigued when I first read of these interesting swiss rolls from Ipoh. Hence, a recent trip to north had me coming back lugging a bag of almost 6 of them! I just couldn't resist the fun

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