Fresh Finds, Tasty Bites, Good Vibes (Part 1)

We love eating! We love shopping! We love fresh finds! We love music! We love art! We love culture!........... We just love everything!! And we found a perfect place where there's more to love about ---- where you can enjoy shopping, do your groceries, try out something new to your palate, meet new friends, and jam to good music - only in LEGAZPI SUNDAY MARKET!

As a matter of fact, weekend markets are nothing new to us. Gone are the days where we used to go to Greenbelt park for the Sunday Organic Market. A few people were aware of that (those who go to Greenbelt Church every Sunday morning, those who jog around the park, and those who live nearby). Last holidays, since Dennis and I had our vacation in Makati, we had the time and opportunity to rummage around the popular Sunday Market enclaved in the business district. Just because of my frustration with Salcedo Market, which was closed because of the holiday season, I insisted that we go to Legazpi  the next day. Dennis was hesitant at first, that Legazpi might be also closed. Luckily, it was open, but apparently, since it was Holiday, there were only a few stores available.

The map of the whole market.

So what does Legazpi Sunday Market has to offer? 


What else! Be it Decadent and Sinful or Heavenly and Healthy Fresh Options, you can find these food stalls side by side, only here in Legazpi. You'll find .....

Monster Burger

Monster Burger sells grilled quarter and half pounder burgers. We ordered one half pounder of cheeseburger, medium well. Just like Burger King, you can have it your way - medium well or well done, with fillings or none, with or without cheese.Other toppings with some twist such as Blue Cheese Dressing and Wasabi Mayo. Side dishes such as Chicken nuggets, Potato wedges and fries are also available. The meat wasn't really as overwhelming as the name it implies. Nothing really interesting with the bread and the fillings, but we love the juicy and smoky flavor of the patty. Another great thing is, they sell these patties in packs at an affordable price. 300 pesos ($6) for 9 pieces of quarter pounder, or 5 pieces of half pounder, and 175 pesos ($3-4) for a pack of 5 quarter pounders. Almost the same price when you purchase a pound of plain ground beef in the market. So I guess it's a good buy.

Casa Goni (Spanish cuisine)

What else but the famous Spanish Paella in different varieties - Three Chorizo Paella, Paella Negra, Seafood Paella, and other Spanish dishes such as Gambas al Ajillo, Lengua Estofado, Spanish Mechado, Fillet Mignon steaks, Chili con carne, and Pescado ala Catalana. 

Japsy Foods (Japanese)

We are big Japanese foodophiliacs. Yes, we love sushis and ramens, but above all we love ---TAKOYAKI!!

Japsy serves takoyaki, california and spicy tuna maki, and gyoza. 

Takoyaki a famous Osaka delicacy, which literally means fried octopus. It is a Japanese dumpling made of batter, with diced octopus, tenkasu, pickled ginger. Takoyaki is cooked in a special takoyaki grill or pan with half spherical moulds. The batter is poured over the grill, embedded with diced octupus and other ingredients, then quickly poked with a pick and  flipped over and over until you form a perfect ball shape.Tonkatsu sauce, ponzu, or bulldog sauce is poured on top, drizzled with japanese mayo, and garnished with katsuobushi and aonori. It takes a lot of skills to make one. I had my electric takoyaki pan at home, and I had to turn on and off the pan just to prevent the takoyaki from burning its crust. Takoyaki has a crusty texture on the outside, and soft, doughy, moist, almost runny (having a visual assumption that its undercooked, but it isnt), and its still piping hot on the inside. So don't be deceived by letting it cool for a few minutes, because the heat is trapped  inside the takoyaki ball. I've learned my lesson well, so I usually split my takoyaki in half before eating it.

Warung Warung (Indonesian)

Indonesian cuisine, has a big similarity with the local Malaysian food. Some of their dishes intertwist with each other, such as the Beef Rendang, Sambal based grub, the fried Goreng, and the other Ayam dishes. Only that some of the Indonesian cuisine were influenced by the Middle Eastern and Portugese. Warung Warung is the Indo version of the Pinoy "turo-turo" which means a small, humble foodstall along the street. 

Owned by Tess Doctora, who lived for 13 years in Indonesia. Since she and her daughter loves to cook and eat Indo food, they put up their own warung warung here in Legazpi. Their must-try bestsellers are the Gado-Gado (vegetable salad with peanut sauce dressing), Jagung Perdekel (corn fritters), Beef Rendang (Beef Stew in coconut milk and spices such as ginger, galangal, turmeric etc), Ayam Goreng (chicken cooked in different spices as well), Sate Ayam (chicken satay), Ayam Kari (Chicken Curry ), and Nasi Goreng (fried rice). 

Quiche stand

I forgot the name of this stall. They sell different kinds of quiche, big and small - their bestseller Ratatouille, Spinach, Onion, Broccoli, Tomato and Goat Cheese, Lorraine, etc. 

CNC (Korean and Chinese)

Mostly common stir fried vegies, and stewed meat. CNCY's bestsellers are the Chapchae ( stir fried Korean noodles made from dangmyeon or cellophane noodles with vegetables) , Kimchi (a popular Korean pickled cabbage), Kalbi-jim (short ribs marinated in traditional Korean barbeque sauce), etc.

They also serve Chinese dishes such as Steamed Fish with fried Tofu and Tausi, Yangchow Rice (a popular Cantonese style of wok-fried rice), Chopseuy (stir fried assorted vegetables), etc.

SaWRAP (Vietnamese, Thai, and Pinoy)

Owned by Minnie Puno, who became popular and got a spot on Asian Food Channel's Top 13 Dessert Finds for her "Minnie Mousse" desserts, introduced her "SaWRAP" along.  SaWRAP was first commenced at the Rockwell Sunday Souk and then later at the Pink Kitchen. It is presently seen in Salcedo and Legazpi Market.

They sell Thai Chicken Wraps (grilled chicken teriyaki, on a bed of lettuce and other vegies, drizzled with Satay sauce and garnished with crushed peanuts, wrapped in a tortilla), Vietnamese Prawn Rolls (with vegetables, mint leaves, and rice noodles, served with some chili bean sauce), and Pinoy Smoked Fish wraps (with red salted eggs, tomatoes, and served with some vinegar)

Vietnamese Prawn Rolls (on a bed of lettuce with bean sprouts,
garlic chives, mint leaves, rice noodles, with
some chili bean sauce.

Rafik Shawarma and Burger (Mediterranean,Western, and Japanese)

Remember my Wagyu Wagoning experience? I got my first taste of wagyu beef at Rafik, but not in Legazpi. I was caught in a long queue and didn't bother to wait. Luckily, I had a chance to taste  Rafik Wagyu Shawarma at Salcedo Market. Rafik Shawarma served Wagyu and Lamb Sharwarma, Burgers, and Cheesesteak. A Fushion of Western Mediterranean, and Japanese. They also serve Australian Chicken and Beef Potpies every Saturday at Salcedo Market (my next blog).

Pizza di Grandia (Italian)

Pizza Grandia serves charcoal baked pizza and calzone. I loved their Quattro Formaggi (obviously I'm a quesophiliac, and their Spinach with Ricotta Cheese. They have their classic flavors such as Napolitana (classic Tomato sauce, Mozarella, and Anchovies) and Margherita (Tomato sauce, Basil, and Mozarella). One of their bestseller is their Four Seasons (with Black Olives, Mushroom, and Artichokes).

Ogie's Hito

I was enticed and hypnotized by the aroma of smokey goodness of Ogie's. I was four stalls away from  them, when my olfactory sense instinctively followed the trail going to Ogie's. Aaaahhh! I love the smoky, oceanic, seasalty smell of the this foodstall. Ogie offers a variety of Inihaw (grilled). From Bangus (milkfish), Tilapia, Tanigue, Hito (Catfish) and other seafood delicacies such as grilled stuffed squid, prawns, crabs, etc. Laid in a bed of banana leaves, marinated with very Pinoy condiments and sauce, stuffed with Pinoy ensalada of green mangoes, tomatoes, and the works, Ogie's Hito has no pretentions in serving great grilled treats that will keep you in coming back for more.

Med Chef  (Baked goods)

Med. Chef is not your another bakeshop. They bake and sell decadent cakes with a twist. Some of their bestsellers are Banana Cream Pie, Rhum Balls topped with vermicelli, coconuts, rice crispies etc, Toblerone Cheesecakes, White Chocolate Fondue Cheesake with Snickers, Apple-Date-Walnut Cake, Flourless White Chocolate Mango Torte, Concorde, and Coffee Kahlua Gateau. Unfortunately, some of the cakes and pastries weren't delivered yet when we got there. But we were lucky enough to have a taste of their Bread Pudding Creme Brulee. It was moist, soft, and you can alternately taste and feel the texture of the creme brulee and the chunks of bread pudding. Two desserts in one - a marvelous creation.Well then how much more with their concorde and cheesecakes. I just can't wait to try the rest. Click here to check out their cakes.

Gigi la Crepe (French)

Owner Gilbert Raut personally makes his crepe in a "real" French way - with the right proportion of ingredients and manner of preparation and cooking. Crepes are sold for 40-90 pesos, galettes, baguette sandwiches (130-160), and couscous with lamb and chicken (French Mediterranean).

We ordered some Crepe Suzette with a shot of Grand Marnier and Rhum, and Mr. Raut personally prepared everything for us, singing in French while flambeing our crepe with the rhum and marnier.  I managed to capture it, was really amused with this jolly guy. His helper and friends were all there with him, chatting (of course in French, for five minutes, I felt I was under the Parisian sun) and drinking wine at 9am in the morning. So we have eaten French crepe prepared by a French guy, and being surrounded with French people dining and chatting in nasal French tone. I felt so fancy haha.

The Fresh and Healthy Options

Just a quick introduction about this section (I'd like to make a separate part on this one).

Dave's Naturals

Dave's Naturals - Premium Frozen Yogurt is the foodstall version of their little yogurt hide away in Mandaluyong Onstott's Yogurt Bar and Cafe. Dave offers a low-fat, sugar-free white fro-yo in a melange of flavors - from the classic flavors such as plain, peach, coffee, wild berries, passion fruit, strawberries, to its premium blends such as Pistachio, Mango Blast, Vanilla Bean, and Choco Hazelnut. 

Deli Cane

Deli Cane serves bottled  and fresh sugarcane juice for 20 pesos (50 cents). Sugarcane is believed that it can strengthen our vital organs such as the liver, lungs, brain, and stomach. Further info will be on part 2.

Chlorophyll Manila

Wheatgrass is a special strain of grass that has the highest chorophyll content of all plants.This wonder grass claims to have many benefits. I admit, I haven't researched much about this grass thoroughly, like read thesis or case studies related to wheatgrass. We approached the stall and inquired. The lady handed us some brochures, and while reading it, we tried a shot of this fresh wheatgrass. 75 pesos ($1.50) for a shot (in a smoothie stall in Glorietta, you can get it for less than a dollar or 37 pesos a shot). 

Shot? Anyone?

Aside from Wheatgrass, Chlorophyll Manila also sells Himalayan Pink Salts, Organic Nuts, and Lentils. Himalayan Pink Salts has an iron oxide content, which gives it pink color. Himalayan Pink Salts can be used in cooking, as brine, as tonic drink, or for bathing.

Forgot the name of this stall, they sell honey products that are traditionally collected by standard wood frames in honey supers. Comb are cutout in chunks and collected, thus called Cut-Combed honey. 

Pinoy Orduvs

Owner Carlitos Abello has revolutionized Hors d' Oeuvres to a whole, new level - something delectable, impeccable, ambrosial, healthy, and uniquely Pinoy. Must try are their malunggay/moringa pesto, air-dried beef tapa, dulong, tamban, black label corned beef, bangus belly and milkfish pate. Of all his products, I got really curious with his Malunggay Pesto. Malunggay or "Moringa oleifera" as dubbed to be a "Wonder Tree" or "Bio-food" with numerous health and medicinal benefits. Pinoy Orduv's Malunggay Pesto is a healthier approach to the stereotypical pesto. It still has some basil in it, and pine nuts are replaces with Pinoy Cashew nuts. I bought a bottle of it, and will be posting a recipe about it sometime. 

Manvy's Fresh Vegetable Noodles

Noodles are made from fresh Poluchay, beans sprouts, and kutchay. Served with toppings of your choice such as seafoods, vegies, dumplings, meatballs; and sauces such as soy, chili, satay, peanut, teriyaki, and oyster. 

Sapore Vero

Need exotic spices and Italian herbs for your cooking? But can't find it in your local grocery? Sapore Vero, owned by a Turkish man who's also the proprietor of Anatalolia Turkish Delights in Salcedo Market, sells a wide variety of  both local and exotic, such as Asian and Mediterranean spices, different Italian herbs, olives, nuts, Iranian saffrons, tahini, and Turkish Extra Virgin Olive oil at a very affordable price. You can buy herbs and spices in big bottles or sachet if you don't need much of it.

Kalinga Brew and Mountain Brown Rice

by Our Tribe Food Products. Processed Brewed Coffee, Bugnay wines, and Mountain Rice from the highlands upnorth. All the Kalinga rice were dehulled and dehusked, that comes in 5 different varieties - red, brown, and black Unoy rice, red Inowoyan rice, and brown Kamuros rice. 


Different concoctions of fruit and vegetable smoothies

Their bestseller Hella Green - a combination of tropical fruits such as coconuts, mango, banana, and spinach

We were skeptical with the combination at first, but we were excited because it was something new to us, not to mention that the ingredients were organic and fresh. They've ranout of their bestseller "Hella Green" (coconut, spinach, mango and banana) so we ordered their next bestseller which is the "Crazy Safo" - a combination of apples, romaine lettuce, ginger, and mint. It was fresh, tangy, refreshing, and a little spicy. It kept us nourish and replenished for the morning before we headed to our next destination. 

My Goodness

A food section that sells pastries, sweets, that are vegan, low-fat, gluten-free, wheat-free, sucrose-free, with some free samples (I know, a lot of people think too healthy stuffs are tasteless and has a little appeal to majority. A bit pricey compare to the regular commodities, but sure is healthy and organic.

The Organic and Wet Market Section

Other Organics

DS Organics

Aside from Carlitos Malunggay Pesto, I happen to pass by to another Malunggay based products, but this time, these are topical herbal products.  DS promotes "Nutrify and Beautify with Malunggay". Their products includes Moringa lotion, body butter, shampoo, and healing bathsoaps. DS Pinoy Moringa has already been featured on several Radio and News articles, including MADRID Agribusiness, Philippine Inquirer Sunday Biz, UNTV, DZMM, etc.

Milea Mineral Makeup

Toiletries, lotions, colognes, and makeups. Mineral makeup claims to be more beneficial to the skin compare to organic and plant based cosmetics. They tend to make your skin brighter, smooth, nourished, and the makeup stays longer in your skin. 

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