Coconut & mango agar-agar

Coconut & mango agar-agar
5 servings
3 h 10 m




Preparation10 min
Cook time3 hours
  • 1. Boil azuki beans in water until tender - will take about 45 min. to an hour.

    2. Prepare coconut agar-agar & mango agar-agar at close intervals:

    3. Simmer ingredients for coconut agar-agar in a pot for about 5 min.

    4. Simmer ingredients for mango agar-agar in a separate pot for about 5 min.

    5. Spoon in boiled azuki beans into mould. Pour prepared coconut agar-agar into mould and let it set briefly in the fridge - don't let it set all the way (maybe about 3/4 of the way through). Now pour the hot mango agar-agar over this first layer - this ensures that the mango agar-agar layer gels onto the coconut agar-agar and doesn't fall apart when cooled completely.

    6. Let the whole thing set for about two hours before unmoulding.
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California John
California John, 04/05/2010

Sounds wonderful, but looks messy. Problem is, I don't understand the measurements- 60 ml, 100 gm. 400 ml, what does that mean? What is a pandan leaf and how do you knot it? what exactly does agar-agar mean? And what is a azuki bean? Where can I get some?

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