Mai tai - video recipe !

1 servings
5 min
Very Easy
From the tahitian "the best", the Mai Tai is a delicious and refreshing cocktail !


Number of serving: 1
1 fl oz white rum

1 fl oz dark rum

1 fl oz lime juice

0.5 fl oz sugar cane

0.5 fl oz grenadine syrup


  • Step 1 - Mai Tai - Video recipe !
    In a cocktail shaker, pour all ingredients.
  • Step 2 - Mai Tai - Video recipe !
    Add some ice cubes, close, then shake it well !
  • Step 3 - Mai Tai - Video recipe !
    Pour your cocktail on crushed ice, in a margarita glass.
  • Step 4 - Mai Tai - Video recipe !
    Decorate with a slice of lime and a little umbrella, and as they say in Tahiti, manuia !

    Alcohol consumption is dangerous for your health.



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