Chettinad yera masala

Main Dish
2 servings
30 min
15 min


Number of serving: 2
Prawns 200g

Coconut grated 50g

Red chilli 5nos

Coriander seeds 50g

Onion 20g

Garlic 10g

Ginger 5g

Peppercorns 3g

jeera 2g

Coconut Oil



  • This one is a perfect side dish that will leave you yearning for more. The prawns are cleaned and kept aside. In a heated pan is added grated coconut. Red chilli, coriander seeds, onion, garlic, ginger, pepper corns, jeera and saunf are sauted and a fine paste is made of all the ingredients.

    Next oil is heated and in it are sauted jeera and chopped onions till they turn brown in colour. Chopped tomatoes are added to the masala and cooked along with the prawns, till the raw flavour evaporates.

    Garnished with coriander and fried curry leaves, the dark brown coloured gravy goes well with idiyappam, dosa, parantha and boiled rice.

    Credit to Chef.Palani Murugan,
    LiBa's multicuisine Restaurant,Vijay Foodcourt,9 Reynolds road, Trichy. Tamilnadu

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