Limpets, the poor man’s abalone

Main Dish
3 servings
5 min
10 min
Very Easy
What do you when you’re feeling poor but craving for the highly-prized Abalone? Well, here’s the alternative - Limpets, the poor man's Abalone. The Limpets with Spinach was a marvel! Both hubby & my son were so happy to savour the “Abalone” dish. Try cooking this delicacy for Mother's Day!


Number of serving: 3
1 or 1/2 can of Limpets

250g Spinach

1 tbsp Cooking wine

4 -5 tbsp Cornstarch

Dash of Pepper


1-2 tbsp Oyster sauce

1 tsp minced Ginger

1/2 tsp Soya sauce

1 tsp Sesame oil

2 tsp Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Stock from can of Limpet


  • Bring (A) to boil & add Limpets.
  • Close lid & simmer for 1-2 mins. Throw in vegetables & mix well.
  • Add pepper, wine & cornstarch when Spinach is cooked & you’re ready to serve. Be sure to drizzle the yummy sauce over your rice!


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