Stir-fry crunchy chinese kale

4 servings
15 min
20 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 4
2 Stalks of Kailan

2 slices of Ginger

½ Chinese sausage

1 tablespoon Oyster sauce

½ teaspoon Fish sauce

½ Sesame oil

1 tablespoon Chinese wine

¼ cup of Chicken stock

2 teaspoons Cooking oil

Pepper to taste


  • Cut off leaves & end of stalk. Using a vegetable peeler, remove outer skin.
  • Rinse & cut diagonally into slices. Remove skin from sausage if you prefer & dice.
  • Heat oil & fry sausage till fragrant. Drain & set aside. Using the remaining oil from sausage, lightly fry ginger, then add Kailan.
  • Add oyster & fish sauce & mix-well. Pour in stock, cover & simmer for about 3 mins. Add wine, sesame oil & pepper & you're ready to serve your crunchy fragrant Kailan!
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