Gnocchi piemontese

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They are pretty easy to make, one just needs a little patience and good products. The potatoes of course are paramount as if the potatoes are not good, then the Gnocchi won't turn out right. I always use potatoes that cook "floury" so they are usually grown towards the end of the season and are rather big. So the starch in them is perfect. If they are too young then the starch turns out like glue after mashing the potatoes


1500 g Potatoes
550 g Flour
4 ea Eggs Salt and pepper

500 g Tomatoes
100 g Onions
25 g Garlic
Salt, Pepper


Step 1

Boil the potatoes a day ahead in the skin

Peel the potatoes and make sure you have 1 kg left

Step 2

Press the potatoes through a sieve

Rub the potatoes together with the flour

Step 3

Season and add the eggs at the end

Mix quickly together to have a dry dough

Form the Gnocchi and blanch them in salt water. As soon as they swim on top, take them out and put in ice water

Step 4

Blanch the tomatoes and put in ice water, peel the skin then chop in cubes

Saute the chopped onion in a little olive oil without color till glossy, then add the garlic, fry some more

Step 5

Add the tomatoes, season and add the basil

Simmer for 25 minutes, season to taste

Step 6

Toss the Gnocchi in the tomato and basil sauce, then serve immediately

Generously add Parmesan on top

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dasguptat, 31/07/2012

Looks nice and simple

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