Sauvignon blanc clams & mussels pot

3 servings
10 min
10 min
Very Easy
Few weeks back, I'd joined more than 100 Singapore Bloggers to #CookForFamily! This Clams & Mussels Pot was one of the dishes I'd made. That day, the Californian Sauvignon Blanc from Woodbridge was going at 50% off, & I got it for only S$20! Be warned! The soupy dish is highly addictive!


Number of serving: 3
200g Mussels

700g Clams

4 slices of Streaky Bacon

1/4 bottle of White Wine

1 tsp dried Parsley Flakes

1 tsp minced Garlic

1 tsp chopped onions

2 tsp Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Dash of Black Pepper


  • Soak shellfish in salt water for at least an hour to purge sand. Change water till it's clean.
  • Cut bacon into strips.
  • Heat pan. Sautéed bacon, onion & garlic till fragrant.
  • Throw in shellfish. Add wine & parsley. Cover lid & simmer till shells open. Add pepper.
  • Discard any unopened shellfish. Serve your tasty Mussels & Clams Pot hot with a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc!


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