The Wagyu Equivalent of Sushis & How To Eat It Right

I?ve had the best Japanese experience in Manila just this month! After talking much good stuff about Seryna, I feel I have yet to taste a lot of Japanese foods in the Philippines before actually saying that it?s the best. Although Seryna is really good, partnered with affordability, I have to eat my words and say that THE BEST SASHIMI can be found in TSUMURA. So far, that is. But I must say, Tsumura will be extra hard to beat. They import their own fish weekly, which aren?t frozen. It is kept at negative two degrees, to keep it fresh longer and at the same time not altering its texture unlike frozen fish.
can seat up to 500
Their menu range is quite long, 35 pages more. Good thing most of the pages had pictures, and Andy the manager, was there to answer all my questions -- and I mean ALL! After ordering, he gave each of us a shot of his Homemade Champuy Liquor -- on the house. According to him, this helps ready the stomach for the coming meal -- tickles your taste buds and at the same time warms the tummy. Sort of an aperitif (an alcoholic drink served before meal starts to stimulate one?s appetite), it was good and had a faint taste of Champuy. Mommy doesn?t like alcoholic drinks, but this one didn?t make her face scrunch and instead a smile came out. She even finished Dihia?s and mine!
Champuy Liqourpage 35
Going back. Yes, I can attest that their Maguro Toro (Php520/pc) is the sashimi counterpart of Wagyu beef -- in Manila. It was served to us sushi style -- it?s the best way to go, with rice under and a dab of fresh wasabi in between. Notice in picture the marbling of the Toro, Blue Fin Tuna Belly, and the color pale pinkish-red. This piece of sashimi literally melts in your mouth, like butter with a creamier-richer texture. It was a clever idea to eat it sushi style because the rice cuts through the buttery-ness of the toro. And, you have to eat it once it?s served, don?t wait for it to dry out!  The reason being for this fish to be high-priced is because: 1. It is imported by them; 2. Blue Fin Tuna is wild, unlike cultured Salmon; 3. Blue Fin Tuna is not available all year round; and 4. It is aged for a minimum of 3 days. It is best eaten 3-5 days old because the proteins have broken down through aging, making it more tender and flavorful. 
Maguro Toro
Even their Shake Sashimi (Salmon ? Php450) is imported directly from Alaska. While Norwegian Salmon is famous in Fine Dining Cuisine for the reason that it is cooked/heated, Alaskan Salmon is best for sashimi  -- eaten raw, because of its less oily and less fishy characteristic as compared to salmons from Norway. Also look at the Shake Sashimi?s marbling, this cut came from the Salmon?s nape.
Shake Sashimi
They do serve great Futomaki (Php265), the authentic way -- not scrimping on the ingredients. It was complete: nori, sushi rice, oboro, tamago, cucumber, kani and kanpyo (pickled gourd). I was even given lessons on how to eat the Futomaki incorrectly and correctly.  Dihia said I had to do it in one bite, which I tried because I also knew this was the right way, so as to get all the flavors in one but my tiny mouth just couldn?t take it. Glad to know we were both wrong. (Thanks Andy! For teaching us the right way) Observe study one, divide vertically into two parts. Bite on one side, then make the second bite. The reason for this is for you to have all the flavors in each bite. Notice that the ingredients are symmetrical.  Now you?ve learned something! Mommy was right, she did it even before Andy taught us. Mommy said it was the logical thing to do, because she already noticed the balanced ingredients even before we had our bite.
Futomaki (Vegetarian Roll)Study 1
Adding to their sushi and sashimi, we were served fresh wasabi. It is very different from the powdered or tubed wasabi we get from the supermarket. It has a hint of spiciness and more importantly, it was sweet. I used it practically in all the dishes, not only the sushi and sashimi. This is another sign that the restaurant is authentic, and serves quality Japanese food -- also because Mr. Tsumura himself was the one who trained the staff.
Fresh Wasabi
Tori Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken ? Php250) wasn?t supposed to be ordered, but since Dihia said it was good, then go! This dish was simple but very good. The chicken was perfect, crispy fried. Adding to this, it was boneless thigh. What more can you ask for? I even dabbed on fresh wasabi with each bite before dipping it into the Teriyaki Sauce we requested.
Tori Karaage
Their Ebi-Katsu Curry Lunch Bento (Php490) was huge, also got  a thumbs up from us. It came  with tonkatsu, ebi katsu, Japanese rice, beef curry sauce, salad, dressings, sidings and miso soup.
Ebi-Katsu Curry
Seafood-Beef Teppanyaki Lunch (Php650) was also worth every peso. Big serving of baby scallops, fresh scallops, fish, squid and tender beef. This was served with Japanese Fried Rice and Miso Soup too.
Seafood-Beef Teppanyaki Lunch Set
To end our meal, we were given complimentary Green Tea Ice Cream which is the best I?ve tried so far in the Philippines. It was too good, I forgot to take a photo of it. Doesn?t taste like fake green tea, which is common in the Green Tea Ice Creams in today?s market.

Whew! Can?t wait to go back to Tsumura to sample their Maezawa Beef -- top 100 beef in the world. Yes, in the world.
Mr. Andy & Mr. Tsumura
Fast & Fun Facts about Tsumura:
1.    *They import their sashimi & Maezawa beef from different countries
2.    *A piece of sashimi/sushi can cost Php520
3.    *The restaurant used to be a parking lot. They constructed the restaurant in the parking lot area.
4.    *Their clientele include politicians, even the current president and his family.

Tsumura Sushi Bar & Restaurant
Contact: +63 2 8874848
2/F 88 Corporate Plaza, Valero St. cor.
Sedeno St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

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