Fish Porridge (Yee Sang Chok)

Today is the seventh day of Chinese New Year, in cantonese we called it "yan yat". My mom told me on the 7th day of Chinese New Year is believed to be everybody's birthday. This is also the day where every home will eat noodles and fish for longevity of life. I was brought up from small where i will always eat this on the seventh day(Chor 7) of Chinese New Year. Today i made some noodles and fish porridge (yee sang chok) for  the yan yat celebration. Noodle are a symbol of longevity and fish for "yu" sounds like the word for riches or abundance. It is believe that eating fish will help your wishes come true in the year to come. So, lets enjoy a bowl of yee sang chok and Happy Birthday to all of us !!!

Fish Porridge
  For the soup base   :

   3                  chicken tight (remove skin)
   2                  cloves garlic ( peel, cut slice)
   1/2               teaspoon peppercorn, smashed ( wu chui lup)
   3                  quarts water
  ( boil all the above ingredients for an hour or more, pour out only the chicken soup base to another pot
   and start to boil the porridge)

   For the porridge   :

  11/2              cup white rice ( or mix with brown rice)
  1/2                teaspoon salt
  1/2                teaspoon cooking oil
  2.5                quarts chicken soup base
  ( wash the rice and add in salt and cooking for 2 hours or more, this will help the porridge to become 
   more moisture. Boil the porridge oh high for 1/2 an hour, lower down the heat to medium to low, stir
   and whisk vigorously occasionally until porridge has thicken.

   Marinate the fish     :

   1                   pound fish fillet ( any fish of your choice, i use tilapia)
   1                   knob of ginger ( peel and cut thin slices)
   1                   teaspoon light soy sauce
   1                   teaspoon pepper powder
   1                   teaspoon sesame oil
   1                   teaspoon wine ( i use VSOP)
   pinch of corn starch

   Serve the porridge with the marinated fish on the bottom of a bowl and pour hot porridge over it, add
   ginger slice, green onion or any accompaniments on your choice. Eat while it's hot.

Fish Porridge

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