"Life Changing Tuna"

*SIIIIIIGH*.... and my love-hate relationship with DeVille aka. The Devil ROLLS ON! I was in the mood for a tuna sandwich and DeVille, the luxury coffee shop with a few locations downtown, advertises a "life changing tuna"... There were no signs posted as to how much this sanny would be and even on the menu board there was no indication about the cost of this dish... I handed my debit card over only to be COMPLETELY alarmed when the screen read... $8!!!!! $8 for a #$%^*&^% tuna sandwich?!?!?! Do you know how much it would cost to make a tuna sandwich buying the ingredients bulk?? Like 20 cents... Soooo once I got over my initial shock I decided to go through with the transaction because I HAD to try and blog about this "life changing" sandwich. Luckily enough the owner and operator was the one who handed me the sandwich... I said to him, "$8?? for TUNA??.. The only life your changing is your own".. He said "give me a call if you don't think its worth it"

TUNA REVIEW: The sandwich itself was toasted and warm which was a nice touch... besides that it was ... VERY mediocre and I make a better damn sandwich. It was a bit dry and it DID have one or two banana peppers and I think a few nuts but it was all too ground up to really decipher what each ingredient was. This sandwich should have retailed at $3.50... NOT $8

DeVille your a bunch of crooks... $5 for a 16 oz. latte and $8 for a tuna sandwich is robbery... That is all

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