Achar masala (pickle masala)

2 servings
Very Easy
20 min




Preparation10 min
Cook time10 min
  • Dry Roast fenugreek seeds in a frying pan and dry grind them coarsely and keep it aside.
  • Heat oil in a pan, and add the mustard seeds, red chillies and hing . Keep aside to cool slightly.(I f you add hot oil to chilli powder it will burn it and discolour).
  • To the ground fenugreek add the chilli powder and salt and turmeric mix well. Add the warmed oil to the fenugreek mixture and mix well. Leave to cool.
  • Transfer the achar masala to sterelised jar and use as required. (Achar masala should be dry and crumbly extra oil is added as required when making the pickle).
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