Passover week for the food yenta: first recipe, noodle kugel

no bacon no bread, it's passover, the one week a year (other then yom kippor) i really get into the holiday. 

we semi kosher the house, as in, i rubber band all the cabinets together so no one can sneak crackers :-) in all seriousness, we buy only kosher for passover foods and we don't eat pizza (a favorite here which will be missed). we have separate passover silverware, plates, cups, and pots and pans. i try not to cave when the kids beg me for pirate booty.

this year one of my neighbors asked me to make her a couple dishes for her seder, she is on a business trip all week. at first, because honestly i never have cooked for a seder, i was a little nervous. i have eaten kosher for passover foods all my life, attended over 30 something seders and should know what needs to be done, i was still nervous. 

i have been collecting recipes all week, one specifically for noodle kugel (it was requested). kosher for passover noodle kugel. have you ever eaten kosher for passover noodles? let's just say there not exactly heavenly. thanks to chick in the kitchen and dave lieberman i was able to come up with a kugel that is custard like, almost like a souffle. we made 4 little sides of it separate because a) we wanted to make sure it was good before i handed it off to another family and b) we added a secret surprise :-) keep on reading. 

noodle kugel
2 bags of kosher for passover egg noodles1 stick of butter, melted2 pounds cottage cheese2 pounds of sour cream1 cup sugar12 eggs1 teaspoon ground cinnamona canister of coconut macaroons 
first things first, boil your noodles as per package directions. keep an eye on them however because they are made from potato starch and they stick to everything. i had e by the pot stirring while i handled the rest.

in a large mixing bowl mix the butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, sugar and cinnamon. 

when noodles are done, strain and rinse with cold water. mix noodles with the cottage cheese mixture and put into a baking dish. during passover i use those throw away tins, i invest in about 20 of them because i don't have kosher for passover baking ware. 

in a food processor or with your hands crumble the coconut macaroons and sprinkle on top of the kugel. 

cook at 375 for about 45 minutes. 

we set aside 4 little ramekins for ourselves because we wanted to taste this to make sure it worked. this was the best noodle kugel ever. it was like custard, sweet, but not to sweet, the coconut macaroons  (which is my surprise addition) adds and amazing unexpected flavor. make this :-) you will love it!

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