Khandvi or surli cha vadya

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Soft and delicious rolls of besan or chick pea flour that just disappear the moment they are put in your mouth. A bit difficult to make but they are well worth the effort.


3/4 Besan/ chick pea flour
A little less than 1 cup of buttermilk
1 1/2 cup Water
1 1/2 tsp Sugar
Salt-to taste
1/2 tsp haldi /turmeric Powder
1 tblspn Oil
Mustard Seeds
hing /asafoetida
Grated Coconut
Coriander Leaves


Step 1

Mix besan, salt, sugar, curd, turmeric powder and water to make a thin lump free batter. My MIL used to put these in a vessel and finish all her jobs then stir the mixture casually to get her lump free batter.
Transfer to a heavy bottomed pan or a non stick pan.

Step 2

Now the spreading can be done on plates or on your kitchen platform. Only I spread a little oil on the platform. This way I need not worry about running out of plates to spread and I can wash off the oil if it is excess. Switch off the fan and.
Heat the mixture on low flame. Stir the mixture.

If the mixture seems lumpy don’t worry it will become smooth. Keep on stirring.
As the mixture gets cooked you will see it coating the sides of your vessel try and remove it. Also keep an eye on this part as you scrape with the ladle. Not all of it will come off and you find the portion that has not come out dries. Do the plate test.

Step 3

The plate test here is take a small amount of the mixture and spread it on the platform. Wait for a few seconds then Try rolling it. If you can roll it, then the mixture is of correct consistency. If not it need to be cooked a little more.

When the mixture is ready take the pan off the fire and with the ladle pour the batter on the kitchen platform oiled for the purpose in a thin stream all along the oiled surface. The batter may not fall evenly. that is okay we will smoothen it out.

Step 4

Now take the kitchen spatula (the steel one) or the palette knife and with the edge of the spatula pull the batter in a fine layer. It’s not fine that’s okay move on finish the rest of the batter come back again and try smoothening the batter.

You will get thinner and thinner layers. Take care not to cut the batter. This has to be done fast. Satisfied with what you have done, switch on the fan and come out of the hot kitchen and drink a glass of water enjoy the breeze.

Once you have cooled down that is about 5-10 minutes later cut the applied mixture into 1″ wide strips.

Step 5

Roll each strip into a tight roll. Place the rolls on a plate. Finding it difficult to start the roll? Wait take your knife and slide it gently under the corner of the strip flip the corner and off you go. Roll on.

Heat oil and add the tempering ingredients. When they crackle, pour it evenly on the prepared rolls.
Garnish with coriander leaves and coconut and serve.

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