What? Kipper Snacks for only $1?

Posted by Lyndi

Be sure to check out Harps Foods dollar section that features products from Polar Foods.  Why?  Because they carrry the Polar Kipper Snacks brand, which are incredibly delicious and a bargain at just $1 a tin! 

Yes, $1. 

As you can see in the photo, I pantry load this item because it is so healthy and contains the following:

·       3.53 oz tin
·       2 servings per tin
·       Provides 1.4g Omega-3 Fatty Acid per serving
·       Naturally smoked boneless fillets of herring (yes, boneless!)
·       Ingredients:  All natural smoked boneless fillets of herring, water, salt
·       100 calories per serving with 60 calories from fat
·       6g fat per serving (1g saturated)
·       30mg cholesterol per serving (10% daily)
·       260mg sodium per serving (10% daily)
·       9g proteins per serving
·       Kosher certified
·       Available for order on Amazon, by the case.

I came across these really interesting facts from ?Kipper snacks are herring, and are among the top 10 fish for Omega-3 fatty acids, alongside caviar, roe, mackerel, shad, and salmon. Herring, like sardines, are also low on the ?fish food chain? and are lower risk in terms of mercury content, especially important for children and pregnant women. Try to stick with kipper snacks that have no preservatives added; we buy the Polar Brand at our local grocer, they are also available in bulk cases on Amazon. Kipper Snacks are also a non-dairy source of calcium.?

Think about it:  Healthy snack, easy to store, easy to transport, economical, tasty? what are you waiting for?  Time to stock up for yourself!

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