Xian De Lai Specialty Hotpots and Soups @ Nex

We came across a classy looking restaurant where special looking olden dynasty style pots were placed at each table. They were used for hotpots buffet. Their normal buffet rate is $28.90++ or you can choose the $14.90++ set with limited selections from their separate menu.

The front section of the restaurant were kind of crowded so we were seated at the inner section which seem better and more cozy. Their menu varieties were simple steamboat ingredients you can find anywhere, except for their handmade items such as glue type noodles - we chose shrimp flavor, and other side dishes.

There are 4 type of soup base such as Sichuan Spicy soup, Tonkotsu soup (pork), Duck soup or Tom yum soup. 
I have taken a pic of their $14.90 menu below for reference. :P

 There were many different kind of sauces placed near the entrance of the restaurant for self service.

 Inner section of the restaurant
Special looking hotpots.

Chrysanthemum Tea
My Tonkotsu soup is here

More ingredients are here. Didn't managed to take most of them as we were busily eating and forgotten all about it! =(

Different types of vege and mushrooms.

Beef and Pork

We need to squeeze the glue type noodles into the soup to cook it before consume. Pretty fun and the taste is quite good. Imagine the noodles with shrimp taste in it.

Here's the result of the noodles.
 Hmm it does look abit like tiny intestines hahaha

Let's add all our ingredients!

 My favourite beef!

 Didn't manage to shoot the before image of the scallop, now it's after. :P

Ta-da~ The menu

Xian De Lai Specialty Hotpots and Soups
23 Serangoon Central, Nex
Tel: 66344630
Fax: 66344631

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