Another Interesting Citrus of Sri Lanka

Our security guard regularly gives me some citrus fruits harvested from his own backyard. One type is the ?Ambul Dodang? which I make into very refreshing lemonade that I posted before. The other one is the Calamondin or Calamansi (also known as Philippine lemon) which all Filipinos are very familiar with and like so much as a juice drink or as marinating ingredients for meat or souring agent for various Filipino dishes such as ?sinigang?, ?kinilaw?, etc. But the other day, he brought me a new variety locally called ?jama naran? which is quite interesting. It looks like the Philippine ?dalandan? or sweet orange (Citrus aurantium) only it?s very sour and with just a very small hint of sweetness.

Though I have not eaten this type of citrus in the Philippines, our friends from Bohol confirms that they have the same kind of fruits in their province. They said they eat it with salt and they like it a lot. According to them it is called ?ukban? in their place and not really very abundant, can only be found in the farms/private lands and are not sold in the market. The fruits are sparkling green with shades of yellow and the skin is smooth and shining. It is such a pretty fruit but really pretty sour. :-)

While it?s ok to eat as it is with the addition of small amount of salt, I find it very difficult. Maybe because we are used to eating a really sweet ?dalandan? back home and eating one as sour as the variety that was given to me is really a feat to carry out.

But it?s not all bad. Like Calamondin, ?jama naran? has its own advantages. By just the simple addition of some sugar and cold water to its juice, you?ll be in for a truly tangy, tasty and refreshing juice experience.

To do it, first wash the fruits well. It sure may look gorgeous and clean but the skin might be home to some dirt (or worst minute insects or its eggs) which you don?t want to be incorporated into your drinks. Slice the fruit in half, using a strainer squeeze the juice into a pitcher.

The rule of thumb is to add two parts of water for every part of juice and of course, some sugar to balance the sourness. You are at liberty to adjust the amount of water and sugar according to your personal preference and taste.

The secret to a superb lemonade or citrus juice like this is, in the sugar. Using sugar syrup will give the best result. But since most of us don?t have sugar syrup all the time, let me share with you what I do. In about half a cup to 1 cup of very hot water, dissolve the sugar by stirring. Once the water is clear and you cannot see any suspended sugar particle anymore, add enough cold water to attain the right quantity. Slowly add this to your juice and continue stirring. Pour into tall glasses, add some ice cube and serve.

Enjoy! It?s a drink not just refreshing but packed with energy boosting vitamins and minerals. c?,)

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