Thyme french macaroons...

5 servings
15 min
10 min
Here a good receipt for goods macarons.c' is perfect to be shared between family.


Number of serving: 5

1) for the shell:

134 g almond flour

134 g powdered sugar

1 g dried thyme leaves, ground

125 g sugar

10 g water

25 g thyme infused syrup

100 g egg whites, aged

1 drop green color

2) for the filling:

80 g heavy cream

150 g white chocolate, chopped

20 g lemon juice

5 g orange oil


  • 1) for the shell:
    Combine together almond flour, powdered sugar and thyme in a food processor for 15 seconds. Making Italian meringue with egg whites and cooked sugar. Add color almost at the end. Fold in dry ingredient in 3 additions.
  • Fill into a pastry bag with a plain tip # 3, pipe the batter onto a silpat in 3/4" circles and 1" apart. Let them set at room temperature until the skins are form about a half hour to an hour. Bake in an oven with a fan at 285 degrees F for 8 minutes. Cool them down on the silpat completely before remove them. The base should be dry and easy to remove.
  • 2) for the filling:
    Bring heavy cream to a boil. emove from the heat, stir in white chocolate, lemon juice and orange oil.


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