Chikki is a simple Indian sweet which is made with jaggery(sometimes sugar) and nuts.  You might have heard of the peanut chikki or the sesame chikki or the cashew chikki. Now I have come with this almond chikki or the almond jaggery balls. You might be wondering how these large nuts are used in this recipe. After seeing the pictures, I think you got the answer. Yes, I have used the sliced and chopped almonds. Here I have made the balls and even the chikki pieces. Try whatever suites your taste.
Sliced and chopped almonds        1 cupJaggery                                          1/2 cupWater                                           1/4 cupCardamom                                    1/2 tspGhee                                             1 tspPROCEDURE
Use the sliced almonds for this recipe. Chop them into small pieces. Alternatively you can chop the whole almonds in a chopper or food processor.
In a large pan add the jaggery and the water.
Made a thick syrup( the same consistency of the syrup used to make peanut chikki).
Switch off the flame and add the almonds, cardamom, ghee.
Mix well and transfer on to a ghee smeared plate.
You can leave it to cool and cut into chikki pieces or roll the mixture into small balls. Roll into balls even when the mixture is still warm.
Enjoy the healthy crispy chikki at any time of the day.

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