Osmanthus jelly with wolfberries

Osmanthus Jelly With Wolfberries
6 servings
Very Easy
15 min

The combination of the two wonder herbs makes this Osmanthus Jelly With Wolfberries a delightful dessert, ending my dinner on a sweet note.




Preparation10 min
Cook time5 min
  • Soak Wolfberries till soft. Drain & set aside.
  • Heat water & mix #Konyaku according to instructions on the box. Adjust water according to sweetness & texture preference; I used 600ml.
  • Make sure Konyaku is well dissolved before you stir in herbs. Let it simmer for about 2 mins while stirring it continuously.
  • Fill the jelly moulds with mixture & let it cool before refrigerating.
  • Serve your scented Osmanthus Jelly With Wolfberries chilled!
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