Sheer Pira

It is an afgan sweet and very easy to make.I have tried it for the first time and i feel so happy that i have got the good results.Just we need only 5 ingredients to make but need so much patience to complete this dish.Hope u all enjoy this recipe in this Diwali.My kids and family liked this sweet a lot.Can make in many colors and flavours related to ur creativity.
15 servings
20 min
15 min




  • Step 1 - Sheer Pira
    In a saucepan add water,color and sugar make it to boil in simmer for abt 15 mins check from every minute after 10 mins of boiling the syrup.pour a drop on the plate and check it is not runny when the syrup thickens and appears like a ball then it is ready to mix with rest of the ingredients.

    Set a rectangular aluminium tray greased with ghee.

    Meanwhile add milk pr,nuts and essence in a bowl and pour the sugar syrup and whisk well immediately till it rolls like a ball.

    Put the mixture into the greased tray and spread them,tap them flat and cool for a while when still warm cut them into desired shapes and cool completely and remove the pieces from tray and store tight in a container.
  • For 2 colored layers first make one and set in the tray for 10 mins then add another colored layer and set.


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