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Recipe A Salmon History Lesson- La Nouvelle Cuisine

A Salmon History Lesson- "La Nouvelle Cuisine"

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Let s have a history lesson. I was always a good student. One of those kids that did well in almost every subject (notice I said almost numbers still elude me). History was/is particularly delicious to me. Cooking has an interesting history of cours
Recipe My Favorite Quiche!

My Favorite Quiche!

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***It's not often that a recipe is worthy of re-posting. I think I've only done that once or twice in the entire time I've written this blog. However, this is one of those rare occasions. Back in 2009 when Brad and I went to Europe, we had the most ama
Recipe Brioche Bread

Brioche Bread

Brioche is a light but rich French bread made with a yeast dough enriched with eggs, milk, and butter. This recipe i am sharing is one which is made with oil and in a bread machine. A brioche dough is quite difficult to handle but with the bread machine
Recipe Lavender Macarons with Honey Dark Chocolate Ganache

Lavender Macarons with Honey Dark Chocolate Ganache

These turned out perfectly. As in, I had not a single issue. Being that these are macarons we are talking about, I say this with much pleasure and pride. The first time I made macarons was about year ago and I tried David Lebovitz's safe, trusted and t
Recipe Duck, Mushroom and Asparagus Vol-au-Vent

Duck, Mushroom and Asparagus Vol-au-Vent

The Husband is strictly a meat and potatoes man; give him a bloody steak and he is happy. The only exception to this rule is duck confit. Duck confit is duck which has been poached in its own fat. Sounds strange but tastes amazing. Given how much he loves

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