French Fridays-Savory Cheese and Chive Bread

It's Friday!  That means it's time for another kitchen excursion with Dorie Greenspan's From My French Table.

For me, Friday's are not the only day that I have Dorie in my kitchen.  I cook almost exclusively from this cookbook.  It is always on the counter and it is full of little tabs indication recipes I love, want to try or the French Friday group has chosen for the weekly adventures.

This week Weight Watchers chose this book as it's book of the month!  For real! 

OK, OK, back to French Fridays-

This week's recipe is Savory Cheese and Chive Bread.

I had high hopes for this one!  I love bread!  Even though this is not really a bread.  There is no yeast.  Even better, I thought!  No waiting around for rising!  Dorie describes it as a "cake".   A "savory cake".  OK.  Sounds interesting.

I had all the required ingredients on hand.  I keep plenty of Gruyere in the frig now, it is a new favorite cheese!  I decided to use a low-fat cheddar for the other cheese. 

Chives!  The chives smelled so good after I chopped them!  The thought of chives and cheese in bread was almost too much!

Walnuts?  Kinda weird, I thought but I'll go with it.  Walnuts are good.

The ingredients went together easily.  Then into the oven it went.  I set the timer for the middle of the recommended cooking time-40 minutes-and tried to distract myself as I waited by taking some pictures of a bunch of tulips I recently brought home.

The oven did not emit the wonderful baking bread smell.  I probably should not have strained my olfactory to try to locate it.

When the timer went off I rushed to pull the pan from the oven.  I could barely wait for it to cool!  I really wanted to try this! 

It is a very nice looking bread cake whatever.  There is lots going on in this cake loaf whatever.  Flecks of green chive, dots of orange cheese, chunks of brown walnut.  I anticipated the Gruyere would melt right into this and give off it's wonderful flavor!

I am so sad to report that I did not like this bread cake whatever.  It just didn't tickle my tastbuds.  At least not in the way I expected.  Perhaps I should try different herbs and/or cheeses.  And perhaps I should leave out the walnuts.  I dunno.  I do know that I love beer bread!  Which is similar to this in consistancy just minus all the cheese/herbs/nuts and add in stout beer! (hello St. Patricks Day!) hic!

My taste testers do not like chives so I didn't even offer it to them to try.  No, in fact I must report that this very pretty loaf met it's demise in the container that resides by the curb that the men in yellow suits empty once a week.  (tear)

RIP Savory Cheese and Chive Bread Cake Whatever!

Better luck next week!


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